With Prisync's Shopify App you can sync your product prices and dynamically update them to increase your sales growth and profit margins automatically.

Shopify App

Use Prisync's Shopify App and quickly integrate your store in seconds to completely synchronize your entire inventory.

Dynamic Pricing

You can define smart price rules and dynamically set them up to make sure that your Shopify store's prices always have the most competitive and profitable prices.

Advanced Reporting

You will receive automated price change alerts via email which can also be exported into Excel files to always keep you updated about your market movements.

Why Prisync?

Shopify store owners choose Prisync as their primary app because we provide...

  • No limits on competitors

    With Prisync you can track an unlimited amount of competitor prices and stock information so you can have the complete 100% overview of your competitive landscape.

  • Price updates 4 times a day

    To provide accurate and up-to-date results we check the product prices and stock availability 4 times a day regardless of your package for you to be in an advantageous position.

  • Cancel anytime

    Prisync's Shopify app doesn't require any contracts. All our monthly plans are pay-as-you-go so you can cancel your subscription anytime with no additional fees or penalties.


Prisync is the only real dynamic pricing app in Shopify

We're the only technologically capable price optimization and dynamic pricing app integrator within Shopify's marketplace. For more information on our Shopify app, feel free to check out our page on

Prisync's Shopify App Integration

To integrate Prisync with your Shopify store follow the steps below:

  • Install app and sync products

    After installing Prisync in your Shopify panel and integrating with your Prisync account you can quickly sync your products.

  • Add unlimited competitors

    Now that you have your store synced with Prisync it's time to track your market movements. Add competitors to your Prisync account via bulk uploading to compare your own business performance.

  • Unleash dynamic pricing

    Add a couple of conditions for the repricing engine based on your competitors, costs, and target profit margins to set your Shopify store on highly competitive and profitable auto-pilot mode.

Trusted Shopify app for stores from more than 50 countries.

Shopify merchants from more than 50 countries are growing their profit margins and saving tons of time with Prisync's Shopify app.

The best thing about Prisync's software is how quick it is to use, I am able to simply export a spreadsheet with my preferred brands or products and I can quickly see/use the spreadsheet to see which products we can increase or decrease in priced to match our company competitors.
Sophie Topham -
Very easy to use and for new members of the team to pick up when needed. Delivers good quality results and helps us keep track of competitors. Customer service is incredibly good when we've had questions.
Tim Zinsaz -
It's really easy to use and you have all the info available with two clicks. If you need anything, you have a great customer service that will help you in minutes!
Carlos Sampol -
Prisync has a great user friendly interface and it helps to analyse all what you need quickly. You also get real time notifications so it helps to take needed actions rapidly.
Ertan Bayrakli -
Setup was very easy and import export features are great to have at hand. The support is faultless and wish other companies would deal with issues as quickly as Prisync do.
Neil Bell -

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does your Shopify app do?

    Prisync's Shopify app enables total synchronization through Shopify and Prisync to provide a seamless pricing management experience. By using our app, you can change prices at your Shopify store automatically with the dynamic pricing module.

  • What is the benefit of dynamic pricing?

    Countless hours and most importantly human potential is getting lost manually changing prices and there are lots of errors and loss following it. Dynamic pricing completely automates this price changing process and takes your company forward which eventually results in you making more sales and increased competitiveness.

  • What is special about Prisync's Shopify app?

    Prisync is the only proper dynamic pricing service in the entire market technologically. Our Shopify app offers constant product sync between Prisync and your Shopify store which protects the consistency of your marketing and pricing strategies. This advanced tool is so easy to use that it doesn't require any technical knowledge or setup other than simply installing Prisync's Shopify app from the Shopify marketplace.

  • Does Prisync's Shopify app cover my country?

    Yes. Prisync's Shopify app is both a global solution and already used by Shopify merchants from more than 50 countries. Prisync's adjustable price crawling technology provides its services to any e-commerce company active in any country, market, or type.

  • Can I implement dynamic pricing on Shopify without any technical skills?

    Yes, of course! To enable Prisync's dynamic pricing abilities for Shopify, all you need to do is install Prisync's Shopify app from the Shopify marketplace and register for the suitable plan. After that, you can set up repricing rules from your Prisync dashboard and voila! Your dynamic pricing integration is at your service.

  • Can I try Prisync's dynamic pricing software for free on Shopify?

    Yes! We have a 14-day free trial where you can try the whole feature set that we provide in our paid plans including dynamic pricing. To integrate with Shopify, you have to install our Shopify app from the Shopify marketplace first and register for a free non-commitment trial and implement dynamic pricing in no time.

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